Chyna WWE WWF Wrestler
Chyna during her WWF heyday World Wrestling Entertainment

Chyna's manager Anthony Anzaldo has claimed that he was in secret talks with TV show Intervention to get the former wrestler back on her feet. Anzaldo had reportedly discovered that Chyna (Joanie Laurer) was allegedly abusing prescription drugs just before her tragic death.

The manager claimed that talks with producers of A&E's Intervention – a show that explores the problems faced by addicts –were underway. "Once I noticed she was over medicating I knew it was out of my hands," Anzaldo told EOnline.

"There was no other way than to do an intervention... We were in the process. They [Intervention] were just going to be an extension of the documentary. I reached out the Intervention because they offered the opportunity to put a professional intervention together in days instead of weeks," Anzaldo said.

"They offered the opportunity for us to get 3 months in a first class facility. Provide a professional interventionist. They provided the tools in the quickest amount of time... We were going to document an intervention anyway for our own documentary," he added.

Anzaldo also said that Chyna was taking Ambien and other legally prescribed drugs. "The intervention was for the two drugs she was legally prescribed, to get her off of or to change what she was taking," he claimed.

"Alcohol was a part of her life," Anzaldo said. "She drank for fun. She would binge and she would go months without it. She would self medicate with alcohol when the meds weren't enough. Her overdose was over the course of three weeks," the former wrestler's manager explained.

Chyna passed away on 20 April at the age of 45. She was a major star during WWF's – now World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) – Attitude Era. She was known as the ninth wonder of the world in wrestling circles and will best be remembered as one of the integral members of D-Generation X alongside Shawn Michaels and Triple H.