Cyanogen OS 12
CM12S installer tool available for OnePlus One. Cyanogen

The Cyanogen team has begun the OTA rollout for Android Lollipop based Cyanogen OS 12 for OnePlus One devices.

The global rollout update, incorporating a bunch of new features and enhancements such as ambient display, new lock screen, improved camera and more, will continue for the next few days.

Do not worry if the OTA is yet to make its way through your region. OnePlus One forum member, svensonic1, has developed a tool called CM12S installer which automatically installs CM12S update on your OnePlus One. Just click one button and that will install ADB and USB debugging.

svensonic1 is the same member who has previously released an OxygenOS installer for OnePlus One. He has confirmed that the automatic installer is working fine without any issue.

"We got a sticky yay. Everything is stable so far tested it with 4 different OnePlus Ones and everything just works fine. Tomorrow a new build that will do fastboot reboot at the end as you need to do it manually (holding power button)," asserts the member.


  • Build 1.0 (current)
  • New installer
  • Based on Build 2.0 of the OxygenOS Installer that isn't released yet
  • Fully working
  • Unique install method
  • Keeps your files & apps
  • Fix the App is stopped issue and bootloop

Build 1.1 (firefly build)

  • After installing automaticly fastboot reboot instead of user needing to hold the power button

Download: CM12S [File name:]


Click here to get the link, enter at every installation option 'Y'

Step 1: Go to the settings

Step 2: Click below on About Phone

Step 3: Tap 7 times build number

Step 4: Go back to settings

Step 5: Click on Developer Options

Step 6: Enable USB Debugging

Step 7: Install the ADB Drivers inside the .zip

ADB Driver Installer: coming soon

Note: After installing the ADB Driver's you don't need to do anything.

More details about the CM12S installer tool can be found on the development thread.