Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus are at a very happy place in their relationship, but they are not yet planning to start a family.

When Cody Simpson was asked about the authenticity of Miley Cyrus's pregnancy rumours days after they made it to the news, the Australian musician laughed it off and quipped that he has been pregnant for years now.

In an appearance on Australia's "Today" show on Monday, the singer was asked by host Karl Stefanovic: "There were rumours going around yesterday you were pregnant. Are you pregnant?" In response, Cody said: "Oh yeah, for years apparently," before breaking into laughter and adding that he tries to ignore the rumours surrounding him.

"You've just got to take it (rumours) in your stride and what I try to do is focus on my work and what's important to me. For me, that's my work and my music," the 23-year-old said.

The pregnancy rumours started after Simpson spoke about his plans of starting a family in Australia instead of Los Angeles. In a conversation with the Sunday Telegraph, the singer had said: "I miss Australia a lot. I would like to come back more. I will always have a home base in LA, but Australia will always be Number 1. LA makes a lot of sense for me for work but I will always be an Aussie."

When asked if he would want to start a family in his native country, Simpson responded, "Absolutely, yes."

Simpson made his relationship with the Disney alum official in October last year, just a few months after her separation with husband and long-time partner Liam Hemsworth. Talking about their love life, he said: "I am very happy. We are very very happy. She's creative. She's very passionate about what she does, and I'm very similar in that sense."

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On the professional front, the singer's debut poetry and prose book, "Prince Neptune," will hit the shelves on Tuesday, April 7. He recently announced on Instagram that there will also be new music to coincide with the book release.