Violent clashes have broken out between protesters and police in Colombia's capital Bogota after a national strike was held across the country against government cuts. In video footage obtained by IBTimes UK, demonstrators can be seen running and screaming as they flee from riot police deploying water cannons and yellow powder against protesters in Bolivar Square.

Some 15,000 people marched into the city's main square on 17 March as part of a national strike against the government's economic policies. The mainly peaceful demonstration erupted into violence when a small element of mostly young men began throwing rocks and sticks at police in a crowded corner of the square. Peaceful demonstrators tried to intervene as police then began clearing the area, as members of the crowd chanted "pigs, pigs" at police.

Teachers, students, pensioners, trade unionists, government employees and unemployed people took industrial action against planned slashes to public spending planned by Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos. The government has announced the cuts in response to plunging global oil revenues.