Comedian Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi Ashe welcomed their first child on 27 March. The couple have not revealed the name of the baby boy, but promised to divulge all details when Meyers returns to his Late Night show on 29 March.

Meyers married girlfriend Ashe, a human rights attorney, in 2013. The couple had disclosed that they were going to become parents in November 2015.

Earlier this month Meyers told People magazine: "I'm most looking forward to seeing who it looks like, that's the first thing out of the gate. Although ... a lot of people have said my wife and I look alike, so I think that's the one thing we know, is that the child will look like us. If not, there's a real problem."

The Late Night show host also said that they had sought advice from friends who are parents because of their experience. "It's a lot more fun talking to people who are on their third kid than people who are on their first kid," he shared.

"First kid people have a checklist [of] a million things long, whereas on their third kid, they basically just tell you, 'Look, [babies] are indestructible. You don't have to worry about it. They're gonna get bumps and bruises and it'll be fine.' So we've been trying to spend more time with people that have multiple children," he added.

A week before the birth of his child, Meyers shared a photo of a carton on Instagram. The comedian wrote: "This box contains a crib. I am now going to attempt to build it. My wife has already scheduled for her brother to come build it tomorrow. This is my one chance to salvage my dignity!"

My proudest accomplishment

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He later shared a photo of a crib with his pet dog Frisbee in it. He captioned the photo: "My proudest accomplishment".