Beyonce has credited her mother, Tina Knowles, for showing her the ropes about parenthood Brendan McDermid/Reuters

American singer Beyonce has revealed that her proudest moment in life was giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy. The Diva singer and rapper husband Jay Z became proud parents after four years of marriage in 2012.

"Out of everything I've accomplished, my proudest moment, hands-down, was when I gave birth to my daughter, Blue," she told Garage magazine.

On 10 March Beyonce shared her daughter's photos on Instagram, where the four-year-old can be seen wearing applying with lipstick. In 2012, the singer had said that she used to play with her mother's make up when she was young. "I had blue eye shadow and red lips, and I put crazy blush on. I looked like a clown, but I thought I was so beautiful," she told People Magazine.

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Beyonce has credited her mother, Tina Knowles, for showing her the ropes about parenthood. "My biggest hero is and always will be my mother. She has taught me about caring for others, working hard and working smart," she said. "Everything I know about being a mother comes from the examples she has shown. My mother has instilled confidence in my sister and me and taught us to always be grateful."

Beyonce added that her success comes because her mother has instilled the determination in her to succeed in life. "Over time, I have learned to focus on the things I want to focus on in the time frame that I set. I put enough pressure on myself. I love being 100 percent involved with all my projects and now I'm fortunate enough to do that."

Beyonce also spoke of how she hates to try and define her "art" because it is personal. "It makes me think of a Basquiat quote I read somewhere that said: 'I don't think about art when I'm working. I try to think about life'," the singer said.