Kim Kardashian has reportedly told Justin Bieber to stop playing with her elder sister Kourtney's emotions and not to get her involved in another love triangle. The Sorry singer who has been linked with Kourtney, just a few days back shared a throwback romantic kissing photo with ex-flame Selena Gomez on Instagram. Gomez "liked" the photo and even wrote: "Perfect".

After the 22-year-old singer posted the photo, there were rumours that he was trying to rekindle his old love. Things could be heating up between the two after Gomez attended the singer's concert in Los Angeles on 23 March with Bieber reportedly spending most of his time with his ex-flame leaving Kourtney cold with her friends Malika Haqq and Big Sean. Bieber and Gomez were dating from 2010 until 2014 before they split.

"Kim pulled Justin aside last night and berated him [at an after-party]. In a very calm voice and her eyes looking through his soul, Kim told Justin to stop playing with Kourtney's emotions. She told him that Kourtney's been through enough with Scott and the last thing she needs is to be tangled up in yet another love triangle," a source told the Gossip site.

"Kim asked Justin if he knew what the word vulnerable means, and he said no. She told him his homework assignment was to look it up, understand the meaning, and to think of Kourt when he reads the definition because that's where she's at in her life right now. Kim really didn't want to ruin Justin's night by talking his ear off and preaching to him, but she doesn't want anyone messing with her family," the source said.

Kim's representatives, however, have denied that Kim told Bieber those things. Kourtney, who split from her partner Scott Disick after nine years, reportedly hooked up with Bieber in December. However, a source told Us Weekly: "Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian have been hooking up since late August, early September."

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