Condom snorting has become the latest trend in the UK and United States, with people shooting their video of snorting the condom through their nostrils and posting it on YouTube.

YouTube has flooded with Condom Challenge videos in recent months where people have been snorting in the condom through their nostril, and then plucking the prophylactic out of their mouth.

Condom snorting
A teenage girl taking on The Condom Challenge on YouTube. Condom Snorting, Facebook

One of the popular Condom Challenge videos showed a teenage girl performing the condom challenge with Taylor Swift's song 22 blaring in the background. The teenage girl called it "weird" after completing the challenge.

"It's not as painful as I thought it would be. My throat kind of hurts now though and my nose feels weird," she said to describe the stunt.

YouTube pulled out the video due to its disturbing content, but the video-sharing website has been inundated with these videos of late.

(Courtesy: SweetlyNumb858, YouTube)

On finding about the Condom Challenge on YouTube, it was found that the latest 'movement' initially started four years ago, but the challenge has gathered steam in recent days after YouTube decided to pull off the gross content put on its website.

Medical experts have termed the Condom Challenge as being "remarkably stupid".

Leading Australian physician Dr Joe Kosterich said: "Although it is highly unlikely to be fatal, it could trigger a coughing fit in some. The nasal linings could get irritated but this would be annoying rather than serious."

But, he warned that the challenge could lead to gagging and vomiting as the person performing the stunt would have to put his fingers "far enough down the back of your mouth to retrieve the condom".

Even Kosterich believes that the challenge could prove fatal if the person was intoxicated.

He said: "I would rate the chances of inhaling the condom into the lungs as close to zero. It is too big but if this happened whilst you were drunk and you vomited and then inhaled the condom, you could choke."