Coronation Street viewers have been watching Bethany Platt's sex ring ordeal for months, but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

Monday night's (10 July) episode was a particular struggle to watch as rapist copper Neil demanded Bethany to lie to the police about her horrific ordeal.

It looks as though Neil will finally get what's coming to him when he is arrested next week, and Bethany will finally find the courage to speak out after her pal Craig Tinker encourages her to report the criminal cop.

Next week, Bethany will finally phone the police to report Neil. She will also describe how her ex-boyfriend Nathan Curtis coerced her into having sex with the policeman. Luckily, DC Leigh assures her that Neil will be punished for the attack.

Neil will be called in to speak to the Chief Inspector before DC Leigh calls at Bethany's house to assure her and her mother Sarah that they have enough evidence to bring charges against him.

Neil threatened Bethany on last night's episode again and told her to tell authorities she was "looking for attention" and loved evil Nathan Curtis' vile sex parties.

She then tried to hide her shock but was traumatised after her mother unknowingly brought her rapist to their house for a chat to calm her down.

Bethany claimed that she wouldn't say any more to the police and that Neil was not convinced, urging her to "keep her mouth shut" or she would "regret it".

bethany platt
Bethany Platt has suffered months of abuse ITV

He warned her: "I think you should tell her you made the whole thing up. The parties were just parties. Everyone was having a good time, including you."

After she struck up the courage to say: "You know that's not true," he added: "People were having sex, you were having sex, you liked it. It was a tough time, no friends, your mum was busy looking after your little brother.

"You were just looking for attention. Men liked you, you responded."

Bethany's new hope could rest with trainee officer Craig, who may finally be about to release what his police mentor has really been up to.

When he has his suspicions about Neil and asks Bethany to reveal what the problem is, viewers will soon find out if she'll confess the horrors she's endured.

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7.30 and 8.30pm on ITV.