A man and woman have been filmed attacking a restaurant owner and her daughter, after the pair complained about receiving cold chicken.

Jeanette Norris, who owns a Qwik Chik restaurant in Baxley, Georgia, was beaten a couple identified by the police as Eric and Latasha Smith after giving them a refund.

"They both lost it, him and her both started cussing and beating on the window," Norris told WTOC.

The woman began to hit Norris after she went outside to tell the couple she had called the police.

Norris's daughter then got out of a nearby vehicle to help her mother and was punched in the face by the man.

"One of my employees yelled, 'He's got her, he's got her,'" Norris said. "And that's when I realised he had hit her. Who does that? Who punches a child like she's a grown man standing there? He needs putting under the jail."

Norris was left with black eyes and a broken nose and her daughter was also left with a black eye. The couple fled before the police arrived.

Baxley police chief James Godfrey said the CCTV footage shows a brutal and unprovoked attack.

"The camera surveillance footage that we put out tells it all," he said. "That's just brutality."

Restaurant attack
The couple were caught on camera attacking the restaurant owner and her daughter Baxley Police