Just as what tech industry analysts suspected, Apple reportedly had plans to host a mid-cycle iPhone release in 2020. Supply chain sources have been hinting at a low-cost model in development for a while now. However, it was only recently that more evidence surfaced to back up the speculation. Certain individuals were somehow able to secure prototypes of protective cases for an unannounced handset. So far, the shape and cutouts support what insiders have noted about the iPhone 9. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing rise of COVID-19 cases, the launch has reportedly been cancelled.

This week, a new set of information was discovered by software experts working on an unreleased copy of iOS 14, as noted by Forbes. Digging through the code, several unannounced products and features were supposedly exposed. The ones pertaining to the low-cost iPhone confirms that it will be equipped with Touch ID, which was teased through renders showing what looks like the iPhone 8.

Another key detail about the iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 as others call it, is compatibility with Express Transit. This function allows users to use Apple Pay and the NFC system to make contactless payments with their handset. It is a convenient option for individuals who frequently travel and use transportation platforms that support the service. Further poking around iOS 14 likewise reveals more about its performance

According to the data, the budget-tier iPhone will rely on an Apple A13 chipset. If it sounds familiar, that is because this is the same silicon used by the iPhone 11. Meanwhile, the primary imaging sensor is allegedly sourced from the same model as well. The exact capacity of the rechargeable battery was not listed, but it will likely be big enough to withstand heavy usage.

Apple iPhone 6
Realface's technology could be used to offer a way to log into an iPhone by looking at the front camera Reuters

In addition to the new hardware such as the iPhone 9, iOS 14 is purportedly adding major enhancements to how owners use their devices. Taking cues from the app drawer on Google's Android operating system, a "list view" toggle. This seems like Apple is tweaking the interface to match the flexibility offered by its rival. Ultimately, until the fight against COVID-19 makes a breakthrough soon, even the company's other upcoming products such as the iPhone 12 will be affected.