Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 2
Rebecca Bunch in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 1 finale The CW

The pilot season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend came a full circle with Rebecca Bunch finally getting what she wanted all along — Josh Chan. In season 1 finale, Josh broke up with his girlfriend Valencia, while Greg Serrano walked away from Rebecca. Also, Paula and Rebecca made up and became friends once again.

In episode 18, Rebecca had her fairytale moment when Josh admitted having feelings for her and they ended up having sex in his car. But the big twist came at the end of the hour, when Rebecca finally revealed that she moved to West Covina just to be with him. Josh obviously looked scared and unsure, while Rebecca was happy in her dream world.

Showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna spoke to Entertainment Weekly about Rebecca and Josh's future. According to her, Rebecca admitting to Josh about moving to West Covina was always how they planned to end season 1.

McKenna said: "Yeah, we always had it in mind that at some point he was going to find out the whole extent of it. The theme of the season was kind of the lies we tell ourselves and in a lot of ways, she never even really admitted this to herself."

"She's been griping the whole season with the uncomfortableness of that reality and then she tries to distance herself from it and then when she has that moment with him, a lot of that episode is about the push and pull between her desire to escape into a fantasy world and the reality of people's imperfections: Greg's imperfections, her own imperfections. In that last moment, she's able to escape back into the fantasy that Josh has always offered her since she was 16," she added.

When asked about the plot for season 2, the co-creator teased a lot of ramifications for Josh, Rebecca and Greg. She said: "There's going to be ramifications for everybody. She's going to try and get underneath whether Josh really does feel the same way about her."

She continued: "In the last episode, you could feel him [Josh] being drawn towards her but now that he knows this uncomfortable fact about her, what happens between them? And where does Greg go now that he's screwed things up and Greg has some uncomfortable truths about himself that he needs to deal with? Rebecca has this effect on the town, she's sort of a pebble in a pond."

"She makes a crazy decision, drops into this place, changes her own life, and changes everybody else's life as well. And that's really what we continue, the ramifications on her life and everyone else's life from her move to West Covina," the 48-year-old co-creator added.

No premiere date has been announced for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 2.