Football ace Cristiano Ronaldo continues to stir the pot with the second part of his explosive tell-all interview with British journalist Piers Morgan. The Manchester United forward has now revealed that he received support from the British Royal Family when his son died at childbirth earlier this year.

Ronaldo's interview for TalkTV with Morgan covers a lot of topics both in and out of football. He criticised Manchester United management, manager Erik ten Hag as well as his teammates. However, the Portuguese star also spoke about his personal life, including the tragic loss of his son with partner Georgina Rodriguez.

The five-time Ballon d'Or winner, who is in his second stint living in England while playing for United, told viewers that Queen Elizabeth II sent him and his family a letter of support when news broke out that one of his twins had passed away during childbirth back in April.

The Queen reportedly signed the letter herself just months before her own death in September. "I received a letter from the Queen's family as well," Ronaldo said, adding that the support he received from the people in England helped him cope with the loss.

"Thank you to the English community that helped me in that moment," he said.

It was previously rumoured that Queen Elizabeth II had asked Ronaldo for signed jerseys when it was confirmed that he would return to Manchester. This rumour has since been debunked, but the footballer has now confirmed that the royal family follows his career and has offered him support during a trying time.

The revelation comes just after Ronaldo said that the Manchester United management did not appear to believe him when he took time off to attend to his newborn daughter. He said that the surviving twin fell ill just three months after the death of her sibling, and Ronaldo needed to be with her at the hospital. Unfortunately, he felt hurt when the club doubted his reasons for taking time off.

Apart from the royals, Ronaldo also took the opportunity to once again thank fans of Liverpool FC for setting aside the rivalry between them and the Red Devils in order to show him their support. It may be remembered that Liverpool fans sang their anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone" in the seventh minute of the match between the two teams which took place just days after the tragedy.

"I never expected that, I want to thank you a lot for that kindness they had with me, not only Liverpool but all of England," he said.

Cristiano Ronaldo (centre) said he has "no respect" for Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag
Cristiano Ronaldo (centre) said he has "no respect" for Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag AFP News