Cydia 1.1.22
Saurik releases new update to Cydia Installer. iPhonefaq

Saurik has released two back-to-back updates to Cydia Installer, aimed at squashing the bug issues, but no major changes have been added. Following is the changelog for v1.1.21 and v1.1.22.

Cydia 1.1.22

Users who upgraded to Cydia 1.1.21 reported that all "trivial" APT sources they had added via Cydia (which are the vast majority of third-party sources used by normal users :/) did not show any packages. Frowny pants :(. Fixed?

Cydia 1.1.21

Shared Sources Sometimes Broke

Using a URL to share a package from a third-party repository that had a typo could lead to an unremovable source.

Clearing Caches Could Kill Cydia

A user reported a situation where they ran out of disk space, iOS cleared their caches, and then Cydia wouldn't run.

Upgrading Cydia Broke AppleTVs

Users of the AppleTV 2 jailbreak who upgraded to Cydia 1.1.19 or .20 would lose access to the core Cydia sources

If you are having a jailbroken device, you can directly update it to the latest Cydia version. For this launch 'Cydia, then 'Changes' button and hit 'Refresh' button on the top left corner. Once the new package is loaded, search for 'Cydia Installer' in Cydia's default repository and tap on Modify>>Upgrade to fetch the latest release.

If you have not jailbroken yet, here is some good news. TaiG has released a new update to its untethered jailbreak tool with v2.4.1, which you can install on your iOS 8.1.3-8.4 device using our step-by-step guide.