Cydia tweaks and apps which have been confirmed to be compatible with iOS 8.3, can now be availed of on jailbroken devices. But if there are Cydia issues, they can easily be fixed.

Following is a rundown of top Cydia tips in case of any issues.

Refresh Cydia

If you don't refresh Cydia, you might miss out the latest availability. Refreshing ensures that you get to see the new tweaks additions.

Fix for a slow repo

On certain occasions, it takes a long time to refresh Cydia, due to a slow or, bad repo. If you happen to encounter a similar problem, tap the Sources tab and check which repo has a loading indicator. Doing this will let you know the culprit for the slowdown.

How to use search more effectively

Even though Cydia offers search suggestions, they don't display all that is available on Cydia using particular search terms. Tap the search button to get all available search results.

Enable/disable sections

Disable the Cydia sections if you do not want to see any of them like ringtones or, themes from Sources>> All Sources>> Edit; then use buttons to disable the sections individually.

How to add/remove repo

To add a repo, navigate to Sources>> Edit>> Add and remove it simply swiping left on the name of the repo you want to remove.

Recently installed tweaks

Tap Installed tab>> Recent section at the top of the page to see the list of tweaks in chronological install order.

User and Expert modes

Next to the Recent section on the Installed tab, there are two sections: User and Expert. The User tab lists all Cydia installations, whereas the Expert section has low-level things including libraries, developer-oriented packages and tool.

Cydia purchases

Tap Cydia tab in the bottom left corner>> then tap Manage Account. After logging in, tap Installed Purchases to see your complete Cydia purchase history.

Queuing feature in Cydia

Queuing, considered to be the best feature in Cydia, allows you to queue up packages for processing instead of performing tasks one by one. The process makes easier for installing or uninstalling multiple packages at once.

To use this feature, tap Continue Queuing instead of Confirm once you attempt to install or, uninstall a package. Once you have queued up all your packages, tap the Installed>> Queue>> Confirm.

Disable Cydia Substrate

If an installed package causes any major issues or, annoying bootloop issues on your iOS device, it is recommended that you disable Cydia Substrate instead of restoring the iPhone to factory status.

Disabling Substrate will unload all tweaks and remove the ones that are throwing up errors. You can find the offending tweak from the Recent Section under the Installed tab. To enable Cydia Substrate, just reboot the device without holding any buttons.

Source: iDownloadblog