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Newly released Cydia tweaks to check out this week. imgur

With the PP Jailbreak released for iOS 8.1.2 supporting Mac, jailbreak fans would be looking for the jailbreak tweaks and apps to run on their jailbroken iOS devices. Below is a collection of new Cydia tweaks to help you get your favourite ones.

BannerBuddy (Free): Allows notification banners to be lowered by Reachability.

Better HUD (Free): It moves the HUD window to the top left of the screen and quickly hide the HUD window in less than a second.

BimmerNotificationPro ($1.99): Displays all iOS notifications on the BMW iDrive screen. It supports WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger and Facebook.

CacheClearer (Free): It clears app caches from the Usage section of the stock Settings app.

CircleIcons (Free): Transforms all icons in the Settings app to be in the shape of a circle. This effect is made with a circular mask, so that it will not affect any icon themes. WinterBoard is not required for this.

Cobalia (Free): Replaces the recent contacts list in the iOS 8 app switcher with a useful row of switches.

Date In StatusBar (Free): It adds the current date in the time area of the status bar.

Deepcove (Free): Replaces battery percentage with Roman numerals.

Disable Camera Grabber (Free): Disables the camera grabber from the lock screen. This tweak is functional but not visual, which means you will be able to see the camera icon but it will be useless.

Dynamics ($0.99): Brings new dynamic wallpaper options for the iPhone.

EasySpring2 (Free): This tweak is an update over the original EasySpring. The updated version adds arm64 support. It also adds a new design with new toggles such as shutdown/reboot and features including show/hide app icon, set the view as the power down screen and toggle the view with an activator gesture.

EditPasteboard (Free): Using this tweak you can edit your pasteboard/clipboard contents anywhere with an Activator gesture.

FaceTime Picker (Free): Allows to pick a phone number or email address for FaceTime call. But currently this tweak works within a contact's detailed information view. All you have to do is just press the FaceTime video/audio buttons.

GIFPaper8 ($1): Allows you to set animated GIF images as wallpaper for your iOS device. You can set them both on your home screen and lock screen. You can also set a GIF wallpaper from your saved photos library or by typing in the URL on the GIFPaper8 settings page.

KeyCommands ($1.99): Execute Activator actions from keyboard shortcuts.

MagicColors (Free): Colours and customises both the Lock and Home screens.

MEFacetimeiOS8 (Free): FaceTime is one of the most important features in Apple devices running iOS and Mac OS X. But it does not support some countries, where you can take advantage of this MEFacetimeiOS8 tweak to enable FaceTime on unsupported devices.

OopsLock (Free): If you have just locked your iOS device and suddenly remember that you have to do something else as well, you have to take the pain of inserting the passcode to unlock your device. Get rid of this and use the oopsLock to bypass the lockscreen and you don't have to insert the passcode.

Sleeper ($0.99): Changes your alarm snooze time.

SphereView ($3.99): Replaces the home screen with a 3D Sphere. It is zoomable so you can watch your apps.

Spotlight Google (Free): Quickly search Google and Wikipedia directly from the spotlight search.

Switcher Navigation Action (Free): It allows you to navigate forward and backward in the list of open apps using gesture that Activator provides. Also, it can be used together with KeyCommands to switch between apps using a Bluetooth keyboard.

SwitcherDND (Free): Use the iPhone's mute switch as a Do Not Disturb switch.

Tintch (Free): Enables colorisation of the Switches/Toggles throughout iOS.

TitleHider (Free): Allows you to hide all of the folders' titles.

Tweet Analytics (Free): Enables showing your tweet analytics for your tweet in the official Twitter app.

UninstallNever (Free): Locks specific apps from being accidentally deleted.

Wallmart (Free): Changes wallpaper every time you lock your device, or with an Activator gesture or with a time interval.

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