Cydia tweaks
List of new jailbreak tweaks available on Cydia.

Like always, this week also Cydia is filled to the brim with new jailbreak tweaks and apps. IBTimes UK brings jailbreak fans as many as 26 new tweaks released recently. Head over to Cydia to bring more customisation for your iOS device through the new tweaks. Check out the following list to know more about the latest releases.

L S Nimbus English (Free): The Nimbus lockscreen in English is specially designed for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This tweak gives a clear and simple lockscreen.

ClearNotificationButtons (Free): It is a simple tweak which makes the notification buttons more visually aesthetic. It works with all the notification slide buttons.

Snapi ($1.99): This is an extension of the popular messaging app, Snapchat. It makes the Snapchat experience snappier with features that revamp your messaging experience. Album Sharing, Labeled Chats and Private Snaps are a few of the key features of this tweak.

SafariAlwaysPrivate8 (Free): When this tweak is enabled, it forces Safari to always be in Private Browsing Mode. To disable the Private Browsing Mode, you will have to disable this tweak and re-launch Safari.

Dank Meme (Free): Removes your mentions in Twitter for iPhone app.

Ember ($1.99): It is a dropdown notification system, recommendation counter and update monitor for your favourite dating app. This tweak appears in your statusbar, and its notifier drops down whenever it wants to update you on something useful.

Vine12S (Free): If your vine videos are too short, you can use this tweak to extend and advance your video experience. It allows you to record videos in vine in 12 seconds.

Artless (Free): Hides the normal lockscreen now-playing artwork in a way that is compatible with Spectral's blurred artwork background. It is compatible with Blur Remover and Spectral.

Envelope ($1.49): It extends iOS' native quick reply functionality to work with the Telegram Messenger.

FlatClock iWidget (Free): The free FlatClock iWidget for iPhone and iPad is a simple clock widget.

See Tweets from People Who Blocked You (Free): This tweet lets you see tweets from people who have blocked you in the stock Twitter app.

Typo Widget (Free): It is a simple text iWidget with different typos to create your own personal style. You can also use this to set your favourite textcolour, textsize, typo-family and reflection.

ShowSongMetadata (Free): It adds an info button to the song lists in the default Music App that displays a popup showing metadata.

Search Widget (Free): It is Android's search widget for iPad and iPhone.

NotFrequently (Free): Disables the annoying "Frequently Visited" features in Safari.

Call Enhancer ($0.99): If you call someone with the Call Enhancer tweak enabled by tapping on the contact or a number, the phone app will launch as it would do normally, but instead of dialling the number directly, it will ask you if you really want to call the number. From there you can choose either to call normally or, to suppress the number you are calling.

SimpleCCMedia (Free): It makes your Media section on ControlCenter simpler. With this tweak enabled, when you are not playing any music, only the volume slider will be shown off and when you are playing something the name and album of the song will be added.

NoAppStoreRedirect (Free): Stops automatic redirects to the App Store and prompts the user for confirmation.

SwipeButtonColor (Free): Allows user to change the colour or, transparency of the notification swipe buttons on the lock screen and Notification Center.

BetterDelete (Free): It adds additional information to the alerts, so that you can access the app info easily and effectively.

NCIfNeeded (Free): When opening the Notification Center, this tweak will make it open straight to the Notifications view if there are pending notifications or, directly to the Today view.

NCBrowser8 ($2.99): It is a simple, convenient and speedy way to browse the web. It offers a complete web browser experience implemented into the Notification Center for fast and simple multi-task browsing.

CopyCurrentPlaying (Free): Copy the current song or last played song details in the clipboard from activator action. Also, modify the string format for song details in settings.

Pasithea ($1.99): Lets you manage the iOS clipboard history.

SetPan (Free): Allows for fine tuning of the audio pan slider found in Settings>> General>> Accessibility>> Hearing section.

Tweet2Safari (Free): Enable this tweak in Preferences panel and whenever you click on a link in Tweetbot or Twitter it will automatically open in Safari.

[Source: CydiaUpdates]