40 new jailbreak tweaks and apps available on Cydia. thedevstudent

This week also brings as many as 40 new jailbreak tweaks available on Cydia. There are several useful tweaks for jailbreak lovers and a few camera tweaks to get the most out of the camera feature. Check out the following list to get your favourite tweaks for your iOS device. This list has been updated by iDownloadblog.

AlternateControls ($0.99): Lets you add and customise on-screen navigation buttons.

Area Code Display Pro ($0.99): Displays the city or town of the person calling, at the bottom of the screen. But this does not work with landline numbers and is for mobile phones only.

AutoAirPlay (Free): It is an Activator plugin that connects to the first audio only AirPlay speaker. If that fails, it tries to connect to the first AirPlay device. This is very useful when your car has an AirPlay system installed.

CameraModes (Free): Customises and re-orders different camera modes in the camera app.

Camrix ($1.99): This is one of the best, smoothest and easiest of tweaks that revolutionises the way cameras are used to take photos and videos, and can be controlled with gestures. There is no need of the camera app. You can simply drag this tweak around the screen and use it inside apps.

CheeseCake (Free): Brings the new screen fade out animation from Google's Android Lollipop.

CleanLock ($0.99): Lets you hide notifications on your Lock screen. In order to access the notifications, you will have to tap on the right side of the screen. This will open a drawer where the pending notifications will be present.

ColorFill (Free): Colours the Reachability view space based on the dominant colours of the current screen.

ColorY0urBoard8Free (Free): This app can change your keyboard to a colourful one. You can select the colour you want from the app and press the save button and turn it on. Now reopen the app and see the new keyboard.

Copic For CallBar ($0.99): Allows your device to show your contact's photos on the CallBar tweak. This integrates with CallBar and works seamlessly and much the same way as Copic.

Circulate ($0.99): This is a themed dynamic clock icon. It can customise all the colours and many others such as height and width of the rings. Besides, it can customise the background by replacing the background image found in Library>> PreferenceBundles>> CirculateSettings.bundle.

CurtainChecker (Free): This tweak will check if your Screen Curtain is on a time interval, which you can specify. If it is off, it will notify you and show you a pop up alert.

Discreetify (Free): This tweak will allow you to filter the content of every incoming notification according to keywords you have chosen previously. Instead of showing the content of the notification, it will be replaced by a text of your choice.

Flick Scroll ($1.49): Offers a different scrolling experience through webpages and documents.

Folderix ($0.99): Improves your iOS device's folder. It quickly switches between all folders with a simple swipe left/right gesture on a folder title with a face animation. It adds a tasty look to folders by changing the folder background's colour and opacity. You can also hide page dots and add 'Pinch to close' gesture to close the folder.

IDBox ($1.49): Quick switch between multiple Apple IDs.

Locus (Free): Enables location services only within selected apps, when notification center is open or, when device is locked.

meme (Free): It disables the spotlight blur on iOS 8.

MyBatteryAlerts ($0.99): Allows you to take full control over your battery notifications. Using this, you can disable all battery notifications.

NotiHax (Free): Compatible with iOS 8, this tweak disables all Notification Banners but not the sounds.

Nuntius (Free): Offers quick reply for WhatsApp.

ODUploadAny ($1.49): Allows you to upload any file for OneDrive app, with a simple file browser to browse the entire file system. This tweak is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

OnlineNotify ($1.99): This tweak can track your selected WhatsApp friends and it keeps you notified about their online and offline status from outside and inside WhatsApp. It also notifies you when any of your contacts starts typing in your chat.

panicLock Pro ($0.99): Offers a discrete way of locking your iOS device. Just pick a secret gesture and when your passcode is compromised, activate panicLock.

Photego ($0.99): It is the best tweak to secure your photos on your iOS device using Touch ID. It allows you to restrict the actions you can do within Photos app or Camera as you like.

Photo Organizer 8 ($2.99): Offers total control of your photo library such as move items out of the Camera roll without deleting them, sort and reorder items in the Camera Roll and other albums, import and sync albums and many more.

QuickSiri (Free): It invokes Siri with a specific phrase. It is customisable with up to five phrases and supports all languages.

reachabilityUnlocked (Free): Allows the user to customise his or her Reachability.

Safari Uploader 8 (Free): Adds an option to unload files of any type using Safari.

SAFUploadAny (Free): Allows you to upload any file through Safari app with a file browser to browse the file system. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

SpotlightSiri (Free): Use Siri by prefixing Spotlight searches with the word Siri.

SubtleLock ($1): Provides whole new experience to the Lock screen. It simplifies the entire lock screen by slimming both Clock and Slider. It makes more room for notifications without hindering the native iOS feel.

TWBEnhancerLite (Free): Universal tweak which adds the most wanted features and first real enhancements to Tweetbot3, Tweetbot2 and Tweetbot iPad Edition.

VPNOnly 8 ($2.99): Blocks internet traffic if VPN connection has been lost or has not been established. It is useful at public hotspots in case of saving your private data.

What's this song, Siri? (Free): Invokes Siri's music tag feature through Activator. Currently, it works with Siri in English.

WhitelistSwitcher ($0.99): Cleans up a messy and cluttered App Switcher.

WhiteTerminal (Free): It customises terminal application for iOS.

The following are a few more tweaks shared by iPhone Hacks.

Amury (Free): This is a promising theme designed with subtle depth and details, while maintaining the great familiarity with stock iOS. Amury comes with 12 stunning wallpapers and some UI redesign. It features 320+ icons, Settings icons, Alternative icons, Minor In-app theming, UI, UI Sounds, Control Center and much more.

Moveable (Free): Allows you to move status bar indicators around within the status bar. You can also hide indicator you would like with this tweak.

Yume ($1.49): A unique theme based on the pastel colour palette.