Freeform's latest horror thriller Dead Of Summer aired its first episode on 28 June (Tuesday) and it seems like the show managed to grab some attention from fans. Set in the 1980s, the show revolves around Camp Stillwater, a summer camp which reopens years after it was shut.

Deb Carpenter, the new owner of the camp and six other counsellors, Alex (Ronen Rubinstein), Jessie (Paulina Singer), Cricket (Amber Coney), Joel (Eli Goree), Blair (Mark Indelicato) and Blotter (Zachary Gordon) have all toiled hard to bring back the once deserted place to life.

However, a series of creepy events at the shady summer getaway sets the stage for the horror thriller. New to camping, Amy (Elizabeth Lail) becomes the first member to experience mysterious things happening around the idyllic campsite as she discovers the decomposed body of Dave, who warned her to leave the place to avoid the worst.

The show's executive producer Eddy Kitsis has teased that the numerous such shocking moments and twists would spring up in future. "He [Dave] kind of provided the warning to Amy and the audience about what this place is, so he clearly knew more about what was going on there. He had to go," he told TV Line.

However, he stressed that there are many other ways to imbibe fear in people rather than featuring a death scene every week. "Death and killing are obviously scary, but there are other ways of haunting." he said. The producer also teased that the characters introduced in the premiere episode have their own secret, which will be unveiled throughout the season. I think everyone has their really big own secret and there's something about the camp and the lake that's going to reveal those secrets as the season continues.

Click here to watch episode 1 titled, Patience, on Freeform's official website. Episode 2 titled, Barney Rubble Eyes, will air on 5 July at 9/8 CT.