Developer The Chinese Room has announced that it'll be taking the soundtrack to hit indie adventure Dear Esther on tour starting this November. The news comes after successful shows in London earlier this year.

Rather than a straightforward concert performing the soundtrack composed by The Chinese Room co-founder and host of Classic FM's video game show Jessica Curry, the music will accompany a live play-through of the 2012 game.

The game's writer Thomas McMullan will play through the game in front of the show's audience, with the accompanying live music adapting to what he does.

In a statement Curry spoke of the game's enduring appeal and how unique the shows will be.

"Dear Esther really has stood the test of time. Going back to it, we still felt so passionate about it. We realised that we're missing a trick here, in not playing it live, as it has so many advantages that way.

"One of the most exciting things about this tour is that no audience is going to get the same experience. The playthrough can change every night."

Dear Esther is a narrative adventure game in which players explore an island in the Scottish Hebrides as an anonymous narrator reads fragments of a series of letters sent to a woman called Esther.

The tour runs from 3 November to 2 February 2018, starting in Glasgow with a performance for press before touring the country. Concerts will take place in Birmingham, Nottingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, Bristol and other locations before a final show in Brighton.

You can find a full list of venues and dates, plus ticket information, here.