Overwatch League Major League Baseball MLB
The Overwatch League and MLB logos. Activision Blizzard / MLB

Activision Blizzard may need to draw up a new logo for the Overwatch League, after it was revealed that Major League Baseball (MLB) might be planning to oppose a trademark application for the ambitious esports endeavour's logo.

A blog post from New York law firm Morrison/Lee reveals that MLB was granted a 90-day extension on time to oppose Activision Blizzard's trademark application, a mere day before the initial 30-day window was set to close.

While MLB hasn't said exactly why it might challenge the trademark, the likelihood is it'll be over the obvious similarities between its iconic logo and that of the Overwatch League.

Activision Blizzard has so far only passed the initial approval process for the trademark. Full approval is granted if no other company opposes it.

The application for an extension on the deadline reveals MLB is at least considering this course of action. It has until 26 July to decide whether it will act or not.

The white silhouette motif has been commonplace in sports for decades. The MLB logo was created in 1969, as was the logo for the National Basketball Association (NBA). the Professional Golf Association (PGA) Tour also uses a similar logo, as does esports organisation Major League Gaming.

Earlier this month Activision Blizzard revealed the owners and locations of the first seven teams joining the League, which hopes to adopt a franchise model for esports in the hope of creating local fan bases for city-based teams.

IBTimes UK discussed the league with commissioner Nate Nazer, in which he discussed how the new competition will impact the existing Overwatch World Cup.

The Overwatch League is set to start later this year, whether it has a new logo or not.