Breaking up
Breaking up is hard to do ... but not the app way

Call it the anti-social media. A new app will now handle relationship breakups. Called Binder, apparently loosely based on dating app Tinder (and "binned her"), the let downs range from cruel to funny and vicious. "It's time they got the message," snarks the Binder website marked with a trash can logo.

The app is already available for iOS and android. All it takes to activate once it's loaded is to choose the gender of the soon-to-be ex, the name and phone number, and a pick of breakup explanations. They range from "it's not me, it's definitely you" to "it's like I'm living in some unwakeable nightmare." Swipe right. Done.

There are testimonials. "Five years of hell gone with the power of my finger. Thank you Binder!" gushes a satisfied customer on the website.

The app both sends messages and calls to deliver one of several different pre-recorded breakup voice messages, weirdly delivered in a Scottish-accent voice.

In fact, the app has been created in collaboration with Scottish beer company Tennent's, which promoted Binder on its Facebook and Twitter pages, notes Mashable. It's not clear why the company, which bills itself as "Scotland's Favorite Pint," would create a breakup app, designed by Peach digital, though it has previously poked fun at tech products. The tongue-in-cheek app is part of a new series of online comedy sketches called Wellpark on YouTube, created through a collaboration between Tennent's and a group of writers, directors and animators.

"We thought we'd poke some fun at that in our Wellpark series and so far it's gone down really well with those who've helped test it out. Hopefully those who receive a Binder message will have a sense-of-humour about it, too," said Jordan McKenna of Tennent's.

The current messages, sadly, are mostly aimed at women, but next on the drawing board is "Bindim," supposedly for guy dumpees.