Windows 11
Microsoft is reportedly working on a new version of AI that could change how we use Windows 11. Pixabay

Dell has given us a glimpse into a new Windows 11 artificial intelligence (AI) that can perform a slew of tasks such as automatically changing settings and fixing bugs.

The addition of Bing Chat, which was recently rebranded to Copilot, has been one of the biggest updates to Windows 11 this year.

Microsoft claims its generative AI chatbot is more than just a Cortana-like digital assistant. In fact, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggests Copilot will be "the entry point into this world of AI on the PC".

In its current stage, Copilot has a few limitations. "Copilot is currently limited to a maximum of around 18,000 to 20,000 words it can process for a single query or prompt for features like generating document summaries and chatting with Copilot," Microsoft noted in a blog post.

However, it looks like the Redmond-based tech giant is gearing up to unveil a new form of AI that will radically overhaul how we use Windows 11.

The folks at Gizmodo recently posted an article about spotting a demonstration from Dell that showed how a Copilot-like AI can simplify and expedite the process of changing settings on a PC.

In the demo, the US-based technology company showcased mockups of Windows 11 OS with advanced Copilot-like functionalities.

Can AI enhance the overall Windows OS experience?

Dell demonstrated how users can set up a Copilot icon on the Windows 11 taskbar and click on that icon to either type or speak prompts. Using the prompts, you can ask the AI to show which graphics driver version you have installed or display a trackball's brightness controls without going to the settings options on your PC.

When you are away from your PC and some apps are crashing, Windows Copilot will try to fix issues independently rather than asking you to diagnose the problem. For instance, if an app is unable to connect to Wi-Fi, the AI could run a troubleshooter or even change network settings to fix the issue on its own.

According to the PC brand, the next generation of Windows 11 AI could be able to modify Settings based on your location and environment. For example, Dell showed how AI might be able to automatically set up Wi-Fi security settings when a user is trying to log in to a public Wi-Fi router.

What else to expect?

In line with this, an earlier report suggests Microsoft is planning to allow Windows 11 users to share saved Wi-Fi passwords using QR codes. The new Wi-Fi sharing feature will allow guests to access Wi-Fi without manually entering credentials.

Dell shared a GIF showing how Copilot AI can understand users' behaviour and environment and automatically make changes to the system. For example, when you connect to a public network, possibly at a location like an airport, the AI will identify your location and activate its contextual awareness.

In this case, the AI may lower thermal settings and turn on the battery saver to optimise device performance and battery longevity. Moreover, you can ask Copilot to make your PC run at its fastest when working on Excel or PowerPoint or editing videos and the AI will activate performance mode.

It is worth noting that these GIFs are mere concepts from Dell and they do not guarantee Microsoft will go in that direction.

These concepts have been created in collaboration with Dell's PC partner. Nevertheless, this is a major sign that Copilot could be the key focus in 2024.

The word on the street is that Windows Copilot is set to get a significant upgrade next year with Windows 12 (Windows Hudson Valley). The new leadership at Windows reportedly believes the future of desktop OS is in AI and the web. So, the company is sparing no effort in a bid to integrate AI features throughout Windows.