Microsoft has reportedly increased Bing Chat's characters limit to 16,000. Pixabay

Microsoft is reportedly rolling out a new "Notebook" Bing Chat or Copilot feature to everyone, including its consumers.

You can interact with the ChatGPT-4-powered AI in real time on Bing Chat's Notebook tab. The Notebook tab allows you to effortlessly fine-tune prompts.

Moreover, Microsoft has confirmed to Windows Latest that the Notebook tab supports a whopping 16,000 characters. It is worth noting that Bing Chat's new Notebook feature isn't a replacement for Microsoft's chat interface, which still exists as a "Copilot" for the web.

To those unaware, Microsoft rebranded Bing Chat and Bing Chat for Enterprise to Copilot to better compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT last month. The folks at Windows Latest found that the results appear on the right side of the Notebook interface while the left side houses the prompts.

So, you can keep changing the prompt and get the results on the right. Notably, Microsoft Copilot's Notebook supports 4 times more characters than Bing Chat and ChatGPT Plus.

In notebook mode, Bing AI supports up to 16,000 characters of content such as research documents. Moreover, you can ask Bing Chat or Microsoft Copilot anything about the uploaded content.

Bing Chat's Notebook is also capable of remembering the earlier versions of the prompts and their results in a conversation.

So, if you provide the AI up to 16,000 characters to write an essay, and then later ask it to convert that essay into a poem or ask questions related to it, Bing Chat's Notebook will not only remember the original essay but also the 16,000 characters you provided.

It is safe to say that Bing Notebook is not designed to work like a chat assistant. Instead, it seems to be a tool designed to help you fine-tune prompts so you don't have to start over again.

Bing will remember the previous versions of your prompt even if you continue to edit it. Microsoft told Windows Latest's Mayank Parmar that the Notebook version of Bing Chat isn't limited to enterprises. This means anyone can try it. The feature, which seems to be rolling out in stages, is currently available to select users.

Bing Chat: What else is in the offing?

Microsoft has been rolling out exciting features to Bing Chat AI lately. Last month, the Redmond-based tech giant added a Read Aloud feature to the AI-powered chatbot. Moreover, the company is adding a search plugin to Bing Copilot.

You can turn off the plugin to use Bing Chat like ChatGPT without accessing Bing search results. This ensures faster response and a more ChatGPT-like experience.

Another new feature dubbed Code Interpreter is reportedly rolling out worldwide. Bing Chat Copilot's Code interpreter is not as advanced as ChatGPT, but this will probably change soon. The word on the street is that Microsoft wants to make Bing as good as ChatGPT code interpreters.

Aside from Read Aloud, several experimental features like an edit button and Microsoft Excel integration have been made available to some people. However, it is unclear whether the company will roll out these features to everyone on Bing.