Nintendo DeNA mobile games
Nintendo's partnership with mobile giant DeNA was announced in early 2015

Mobile app giant DeNA has detailed an overview of its partnership with Nintendo, revealing it plans to release five free-to-play mobile games supported by microtransactions by the end of the next financial year in March 2017.

The information comes from a document handed out at an earnings call held earlier today (11 November). The Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki tweeted pictures of the documents, which also reveal DeNA and Nintendo's first game, Miitomo, was delayed to "ensure quality and optimal launch timing".

Under the heading Monetisation, the document states Miitomo will be "free to downloads with optional paid items. Monetisation methods will be carefully decided based on user expectation and gameplay. The same approach will be applied to other jointly developed titles". The final statement reveals premium titles are not in Nintendo's immediate mobile future.

DeNA also reiterates that all Nintendo properties are available to use.

On the new Nintendo membership scheme My Nintendo, which DeNA also developed, the document says the decision to launch both it and Miitomo in March 2016 was made to "build a foundation on which our users can enjoy multiple jointly developed games over the long term".

My Nintendo will use Mii avatars to establish an active userbase and "improve user loyalty" with game or app recommendations, loyalty points and other features. They say My Nintendo was "designed for easy, long-term use" and cites the ability to sign in with other social media accounts like Facebook.

Nintendo's partnership with DeNA is crucial to the stability of the gaming giant's future, with mobile gaming a huge potential money-spinner and the new My Nintendo account a gateway to the kind of online ecosystem taht has alluded Nintendo systems for years. All this as Nintendo is expected to announce a release a new console, codenamed NX, in 2016.

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