Last week (26 May), Ubisoft showed off a first look at upcoming open world shooter Far Cry 5, revealing that it will be set in the US state of Montana and deal with a murderous religious cult that has taken over the fictional setting of Hope County.

Far Cry 5's villains are religious extremists who who fly flags bearing a symbol reminiscent of those used by Scientology and Nazi Germany. The villains, called the Seed Family, are also white Americans, and a small but vocal group of people hasn't taken to this news kindly.

As is tradition when a game developer makes a creative decision that annoys super-entitled people, a petition has been set up to get that game cancelled. It's, as you would expect, hilarious.

"Far Cry 5 is an insult to your fanbase, the Americans who make up the majority of your customers, and it's time you woke up to that fact," rants the creator of the petition, whose account is named 'Gamers United'.

Believing 'gamers' have had it rough over the past few years, the author bemoans press coverage of GamerGate (a well-publicised campaign of intense harassment targeting women in the industry between 2014 and 2015) and the so-called "censorship" of localised games.

The author seems particularly irked by "the continued rejection of romantic partners when they find out our hobby".

"It's time to draw a line in the sand," rings out the petition's battle cry. "We, the American gamers that make up the majority of your userbase, demand to you cancel this game, or alter it to be less offensive to your main player base."

Some suggestions for the developers at Ubisoft Montreal follow, including changing the villains so they're of Islamic descent, adding that they could also "throw in some blacks and Mexicans" so the cultist characters aren't mostly white.

The author also suggests changing the game's setting, "but only for certain markets". This could mean changing the setting to Canada for the US release as an example. "Look, I get that anti-Americanism plays in France, and I'm not telling you to give up on potential profits due to complaints," the author says, contradicting the entire petition.

The petition currently has 250 supporters, but looking at the reason's for signing, many of those appear to be in jest.

"I hope you're ready for retribution, because after this, I going to write an angry post on Twitter and Facebook that will largely go ignored," writes one signee. "That will show you!"

Another says: "I am signing because I feel you should know that white supremacist americans have killed more people in the past week than refugees have in the past 40 years, wait who made this joke of a petition hahaha?"

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