Bungie is putting together plans to start selling ammo packs for real world money in its hit online shooter Destiny, according to a new report. It is said that ammo packs will be sold for Silver – the in-game currency bought with real world money.

VG247's report states: "Bungie is to sell Destiny ammo packs for real money, a source familiar with the matter has confirmed to VG247. It's as yet unknown when the feature will be added to the online shooter."

Micro-transactions were introduced to Destiny in October 2015, with players able to buy Silver to spend on emotes and items for a player's Sparrow vehicle. If ammo packs were to be sold, it would mark the first time items that directly affect gameplay will have been sold – setting Bungie and Destiny down a path many fans would not be happy about.

It would mean players are able to stock up on ammo easily (for a price) when they tackle co-op Raids, where heavy ammo is especially useful. Buying such ammo wouldn't affect the player vs player aspect of Destiny however.

There's no information yet regarding how much ammo packs – which come in three varieties for each of the game's three weapon slots – might cost. Silver currently costs £3.99 for 500 Silver, £7.99 for 1100 Silver (1000 with a 100 bonus), £15.99 for 2300 Silver (300 bonus), and £39.99 for 5,800 Silver (800 bonus).

Currently players are able to find ammo that is dropped by downed enemies, or through buying ammo with glimmer – Destiny's free in-game currency. If Bungie do start selling ammo packs for real money, it'll be interesting to see if there is any change to the frequency of heavy ammo drops in particular.

Since the game was first released in 2014, the spectre of micro-transactions has loomed over the franchise. With no expansion packs planned for release in 2016, with the October introduction of micro-payments it appears that Bungie and publisher Activision have decided how they will keep making money during the sci-fi shooter's second year.

The current state of Destiny is in some flux at the moment, a point illustrated by a Kotaku feature published last week (22 Jan) which also stated that the unannounced fully-fledged Destiny sequel had been delayed beyond its planned September 2016 release window.

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