Prince William and Kate Middleton just returned home from their maiden trip to Pakistan where they explored the unique Southeast Asian culture. On their five-day tour, they visited some scenic valleys, places of historical significance, and close-knit villages that provided a deep insight into the traditions and values of the country.

The one place that particularly touched the royals is the community is the SOS village. Kate Middleton sent out her first-ever personal message on popular social media platform Instagram via the royals' official Instagram account. The account posted a picture of Prince William holding hands of two little boys from the village and posted an emotional caption by the duchess herself.

"The community at the SOS Village is built around family - and the best possible family you could imagine - where everyone comes together to nurture, love and protect the children in their care.

These vulnerable children, many who have come through traumatic circumstances, are nurtured in this caring environment and are able to form these quality relationships that they so desperately need to thrive. — Catherine," reads the caption with the 37-year-old's signature.

According to People, they paid two visits to the orphaned child charity that provides home and shelter to children in need. When the royal couple's flight from Lahore to Islamabad was aborted after mid-air turbulence, they decided to return to the charity and spend some time with the children. During their time at the village, they played cricket and did some art and craft projects with children.

In the past few years, Kate has devoted her time to several social causes especially those related to children's health and development. Speaking to a mentor at the charity, she expressed how touched she was with their work.

"Some of the things I've been looking at back home are how best do you support children and what do they need to have a successful life," the mother-of-three told. "One, it's about quality relationships and two, the environment. What's great is that you have both here," she added.

Prince William, Kate Middleton Pakistan tour
Prince William and his wife Kate explored Lahore's famous Badshahi Mosque -- one of the world's largest. Photo: AFP / AAMIR QURESHI

Returning to the charity gave William and Kate the opportunity to learn more about children's life at the village and get a full picture.

Meanwhile, the social media account of the royals is flooded with their memories from royal tour Pakistan. Recently, they shared a video that gives a glimpse of their entire tour of the country.