British detectives investigating 83 year old Australian entertainer Rolf Harris over sexual abuse allegations have interviewed a woman in Australia, local media said on Thursday (May 02).

Local television showed pictures of two men entering the home of 43-year-old mother-of-two Lauren Martell in Wisemans Ferry on Sydney's northern fringes.

Harris was arrested and questioned in London last month but has not been charged with any offences.

The Metropolitan police officers spent more than two hours with Ms Martell hearing allegations over events that she says took place in the 1990s in London, local TV said.

"When I heard his name being bandied around and I'm like, wow. I can offer something here," Ms Martell told Seven Network news.

Ms Martell said she waited to report the allegations because she feared no one would believe her.

"I was only young and, you know, you don't run around saying 'Rolf Harris did this' or 'I saw this' because nobody's going to believe you," Martell said.

Local media said the Scotland Yard detectives will interview two other people in Australia before returning to the UK next week.

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