Now that BlizzCon 2019 is here, gamers are eager to learn about what Blizzard Entertainment has in store for its fans. Moreover, it seems the bad publicity from the recent Blitzchung debacle temporary on hold journalists focus on the upcoming announcements. The weeks leading up to this annual event was full of rumours as to what the game studio might unveil later. However, it looks like a new leak related to "Diablo IV" reveals some of the returning classes and more.

TweakTown confirms that information comes from a trusted source. Reports claim the insider's track record shows remarkable precision after details about "Pokemon Sword," "Pokemon Shield," and "Ghost: Breakpoint" were reportedly accurate. Now, Redditor PracticalBrush12 points at the reappearance the Druid, Barbarian, and Wizard classes to "Diablo IV". Additionally, a new mechanic will allow players to ride horses, but it was not specified if there were other mounts available.

i'm trying to keep my cool, but every diablo iv leak looks so good

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What follows is the multiplayer option, which will likewise see the return of four-player co-op gameplay from "Diablo III". Fans who prefer to take on other gamers will apparently get to do so early in the game. What remains to be established is if this mechanic is applicable within the online campaign, or it will take place in a special arena.

Another important aspect deals with the presentation of "Diablo IV," which hints at something exciting for fans of the series. According to the source, the latest entry of the franchise will draw inspiration from "Diablo II". Analysts point out that despite being a stellar action role-playing game, "Diablo III" seemingly carried a different tone from its predecessor.

Therefore, Blizzard Entertainment is taking elements that made the second game stand out and mixing it into the fourth installment. Overall, players can look forward to a more gruesome aesthetic with "Diablo IV." As with most leaks, nothing is final until the developers make the official announcement.

Diablo IV further confirmed via character leak in upcoming art book excerpt

— AllGamesDelta (@AllGamesDelta_) October 27, 2019

As noted by a recent report, most of the speculated details about "Diablo IV" came from The Art of Diablo artbook, which goes on sale at BlizzCon 2019. Furthermore, an image from the artbook highlights Lilith as a possible boss character in the game.

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