Doctor Who's 11<sup>th Timelord Matt Smith and his companion Jenna Coleman revealed to a London audience the weirdest places they have ever signed or been asked for an autograph.

Speaking on a panel at the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration event in London at the ExCel centre, the TV show's stars told the audience about the lengths some fans go to get a signature or even their own piece of memorabilia.

"The weirdest time I have ever been asked for an autograph, or something similar, was when some guy followed me into the toilets and passed me a phone to speak to his wife," said Smith.

"I told him, 'but Sir, I am urinating'. He just looked at me and said 'but my wife really wants to talk to you.'"

After fits of giggles from the audience, Coleman said her experience wasn't as 'weird' but a fan approached her in a restaurant and 'just so happened' to be dressed exactly like her first appearance on Doctor Who as Oswin Oswald.

"She came over and was dressed exactly like Oswin while I was in a restaurant. She had the egg whisk and everything!" exclaimed Coleman.

Coleman first burst onto our screens in Doctor Who as the mysterious Oswin who was affectionately known as 'Souffle Girl' by The Doctor for her penchant for making the baked good.

Her transitional story line has seen her take on several roles in the series to eventually culminating in The Doctor's latest companion as Clara Oswald.

The show has over 77 million fans worldwide, and thousands gathered in London to catch a glimpse of their favourite Doctors in person, as well as grab a photo or a signed autograph from the Timelords.

In the audience, some travelled from Australia, US and even Brazil for the weekend event in London.

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