A young developer has built a mobile game in which a bird that crosses hurdles is rewarded by letting it poop over US presidential election candidate Donald Trump. The more levels this Flappy Bird look-alike crosses, the more poop it gets to dump. The hurdles are walls, depicting the proposed wall between the US and Mexico.

The game, created by two college students -Jason Fotso and Brian Fotso of DayDream, is not as easy as it first seems. With each level, the walls gets closer, making it difficult for the bird to cross. Players need to find a hole in the wall and aim the bird there to breach the wall; else, it kills the bird. But at the end of the game, Trump is covered in a pile of poop.

The game, Trump Dump, is available free on both Android and iOS. Within weeks of appearing on app stores, the app has seen over 10,000 downloads and a 4.9 rating out five in Google's Play store. According to App Annie, a firm that analyses and ranks mobile apps, the game tops the chart of downloaded games. It is ranked first in the adventure games category in the app store.

A lot of users have written in the reviews section appreciating the game.

"Holy Crap! Wow... I love this game. I mean the bird is kind of hard to control, but it's so worth it when you get to literally crap on Donald Trump! I really hope that he drops out of the race because of this game," writes Marissa Ramirez, who gave 5/5 to the game.

The developer, however, has put in a disclaimer to guard against any possible defamation move. "Reference to any celebrity, artist, musician, person, product, name, trademark, service mark or company name is for descriptive purposes only and does not constitute or imply sponsorship, endorsement, or recommendation unless explicitly stated herein. For humour purposes only. Not to be taken seriously."