Nintendo have revealed their new Legend of Zelda game for Wii U.

Lead developer Eiji Aonuma introduced the game, speaking of what appears to be a key element of the gameplay.

Looking back at the original Zelda games, Aonuman spoke of the sense of exploration. A sudden glimpse of the new Zelda appeared on screen (above) showing a vast open world with far-off mountains that the player will be able to reach.

The screenshot turned to a rendered piece of footage as a spider-like mechanical beast pursued Link atop his horse (presumably Epona) through the world before starting a fight.

Visually it is between N64 classic Ocarina of Time and Wii title Skyward Sword, perhaps leaning closer to the latter. Another noticable aspect of the game is Link's lack of green tunic, an iconic part of the character's look.

Legend of Zelda