Mass Effect
Mass Effect 4 is the most anticipated game of EA's show. EA

EA and Ubisoft's role during E3 press conference time is essentially to entertain us between the co-main events of Microsoft and Sony. They're often more than just time-fillers though, with Ubisoft in particular usually getting tongues wagging.

However, last year EA's show was simply bizarre, with a succession of behind-the-scenes developer diaries for Mass Effect 4, Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror's Edge: Catalyst which didn't actually show much from the games themselves.

This year all three will be playing a significant part in the show – presumably with spectacular footage to show off. Then there's the usual EA Sports stuff, which is bound to get a portion of the show.

EA's E3 press conference takes place at 9:00PM BST on Monday 15 June. It can viewed via the official channel on their website or through Twitch and YouTube. We've also embedded the Twitch stream below...

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