A Star Wars Battlefront game is currently in development for PlayStation VR, Sony confirmed at a PSVR showcase event hosted this evening (15 March) during GDC 2016 in San Francisco. No further details about a release window were revealed.

The virtual reality headset will launch in October 2016 for £349 / $399 and will require no more to function then what comes in the box and a PS4 console.

"This will be a Star Wars Battlefront gaming experience like nothing else," said president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House, "where players can transport themselves to a galaxy far, far away."

A full console Star Wars Battlefront game launched in November, shortly before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens - the latest entry in the cinematic series. It's safe to say Star Wars is extremely popular right now, so this is a major exclusive for Sony, and not just in the virtual landscape.

Sony announced PlayStation VR, which was codenamed Project Morpheus at the time, back at GDC 2014 where Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida showed off the first prototype model (similar to the final product) and said it would "shape the future of games".

Back in November we put together a list of the 50+ games and demos known to exist for PlayStation VR, many of which will see the light of day this year. In January Sony CEO Kaz Hirai stated that over 100 games are currently in development for the headset.

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