Jack Branning was fuming on last night's EastEnders BBC

Their deaths on New Year's Day kicked off 2017 with a dismal start for Walford residents, but after much speculation and misinformation, EastEnders has revealed what really caused sisters Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell to die.

Thursday night's (9 February) episode saw Ronnie's husband Jack Branning attend the inquest and being left speechless at what the coroner had to say, until he apparently swore pre-watershed.

As IBTimes UK reported earlier this year, blood and urine tests were carried out on both sisters and the results showed that Ronnie died from drowning and Roxy had suffered a cardiac arrest.

And it came as no surprise as regular drug user Roxy had cocaine in her system at the time of her death – but this was not directly responsible for the cardiac arrest. After announcing his findings, the coroner ruled that the sisters' deaths were a result of "misadventure."

Already struggling to raise his two children survived by partner Ronnie, a distraught Jack was livid when he exited the court with his brother Max.

Though he has shown anger towards his partner's drug-using sister, Jack continued to blame Roxy for Ronnie's death – as the latter jumped into the swimming pool when she saw her sister lying motionless at the bottom.

He remarked: "It was no accident and yes, there is someone to blame – Roxy."

ronnie and roxy
Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell died on New Year's Day BBC

Putting the cherry on top of a gloriously bad day for Jack, he returned home to find his daughter Amy with freshly pierced ears with grandmother Glenda.

Amy excitedly showed off her ears to her father, who was less than impressed and slammed Glenda for taking his daughter to get her ears pierced without his permission.

The situation escalated so quickly that Jack demanded that Glenda pack her bags and leave his home, hurrying her out with the words: "You're a liar. You're a snake. Weaselling your way in here just like Roxy. I should have put my foot down then. I don't want you anywhere near my kids – do you hear me? Get out!"

In his rage, eagle-eyed – or shall we say "eagle-eared" – viewers heard Jack swear. One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Oi jack Branning just said sh*t, madting" as another confirmed the mishap, stating: "Did Jack Branning swear on EastEnders as he ranted about Roxy's drug-taking?"

A third added: did jack branning really just say "Roxy put a s**t load of that gear up her nose' #eastenders".

A fourth viewer continued: "Jack Branning has just said pre water shed, "that Roxy put a S**T load of that gear up her nose" eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!"

EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on BBC1.