EastEnders cast
The whodunnit has had the nation gripped for ten months as every person on the square was a suspect. BBC

The identity of the murderer of Lucy Beale was finally revealed in the eagerly anticipated 30<sup>th anniversary Eastenders live show.

While in the first episode Ian Beale, played by Adam Woodyatt, confronted his new wife Jane (Laurie Brett) believing her to be his daughter's killer, all was not quite as it seemed.

Twitter went viral with #EE trending as it was revealed that the murderer is in fact Bobby Beale, played by child actor Elliot Carrington and that his step-mother Jane was covering for him.

As Jane arrives at the Beale house to find Lucy dead on the floor, Bobby appears, carrying the music box in his hand, which was previously revealed to be the last sound Lucy heard before her death. "Whatever she says, she started it," says Bobby. "She made everyone unhappy."

The mystery has had the nation gripped for ten months with widespread conjecture as to who might be the killer on the square with many fans on Twitter speculating correctly, pointing the finger at the least likely suspect .

The week of live shows has seen one red herring after the other as each potential suspect was eliminated in the on-going murder storyline, the most talked-about whodunnit in British TV history.

42-year-old Jake Wood, who plays Max Branning, revealed during an interview on ITV's morning show Lorraine, that most of the cast were as in the dark as the public as to the identity of the murderer.

The killer's identity was finally revealed to the actors ahead of the live shows. "Maybe, possibly. I couldn't possibly say, but yeah. Obviously things are having to be revealed to the cast round about now. So I'm as blown away as everyone will be when they watch the episode tonight."

The live episodes have seen former cast members return for the gripping climax with Barbara Windsor who played Mitchell matriarch Peggy, returning to The Queen Vic, and Jo Joyner who plays Tanya Branning and Gillian Tayleforth who played Kathy Beale, returning to the square. Tayleforth's return is a particular cause for surprise since her character was earlier killed off in a car accident in South Africa.

And despite the excitement, the live week has not been without its glitches. Jake Wood apparently fluffed his lines as he appeared to accuse one of the key suspects Abi Branning. And Jo Joyner's return will be remembered for her live goof up when she referred to Ian Beale by the actor's name Adam. And as if there wasn't already enough drama on Albert Square, emergency services had to be called at the end of the first live episode, following a real on-set fire.

But in the end, in a final plot twist, in a flashback episode, the killer was revealed, as the victim's eleven-year-old brother, Bobby.