Elena of Avalor
Princess Elena of Avalor fights an evil sorceress to save her kingdom in season 1 Disney

Disney's animation series Elena Of Avalor has been renewed for season 3. The show, which premiered in July 2016, became an instant hit among fans for the story of the crown princess.

The show is still months away from its second season premiere but Disney has teased that Elena is getting a step closer to becoming the queen.

"With this new season order, the creative team, led by Craig Gerber and Silvia Olivas, has some exciting surprises in store for Elena on her journey to becoming queen," Nancy Kanter, Executive Vice President of Content and Creative Strategy for Disney Channels told reporters, according to TV Line.

"We're looking forward to having our young viewers follow along on Elena's adventure, while also continuing to build the 'Elena of Avalor' experience for them beyond the screen," she added.

Elena is the Latina princess who is brave and an adventurous teenager. She is gifted a magical amulet - the Amulet of Avalor- by her mother to protect the teen princess from evil. But to the kingdom's nightmare, an evil power-hungry sorceress from the Northern Islands named Shuriki attacks Avalor. She kills the king and the queen and wants to harm Elena.

In an attempt to protect the princess, the amulet pulls her inside it. After spending 41 years inside the amulet, she finally achieves freedom and saves her kingdom by defeating Shuriki. However, due to her physical appearance and her real age, the Crown Princess is in for challenges that create hurdles in her way to be the queen of Avalor.

Season one of the popular Disney animation show is on a hiatus and will return with episode 12 titled Olaball on Saturday 25 February.