Katy Perry
Katy Perry at the MTV VMAs 2017 Reuters

From an awkward arrival on stage to fumbling jokes, nothing seemed right on the most important night in the music industry, the MTV Video Music Awards. As host of the evening, singer Katy Perry tried to deliver the best of her jokes, Ellen DeGeneres, like everyone else at the event, seemed unimpressed with her lackluster performance.

The Bon Appetit singer had a cringe-worthy arrival on the stage as she pretended to be a 'Moonwoman' still in her silver space suit. She later unsuccessfully tried to address the current events with a string of jokes, including choosing a wardrobe for the award night(she chose the signature red uniform from The Handmaid's Tale).

However, none of her acts seemed funny and they failed to cheer the audience at the event. It is hard to imagine how her flat jokes would amuse the comedienne who remained stone-faced during Perry's monologue.

Knowing the reactions of the 59-year-old Finding Dory voice artist, the event organisers continued to pan cameras on her every time Perry tried to crack a joke.

The multiple daytime Grammy Award winning host, who is adored for her ever-smiling face, appeared least impressed, especially when the Roar singer brought a fake baby on stage, claiming that having a baby is the 'it' thing for celebrities.

"This is Bella, sponsored by Fit Tea!" she said on the stage, and Ellen continued her sour expression. Social media users, who were equally disappointed with the show host, took it to Twitter to express their anger and many compared their feelings with that of DeGeneres.

"Why is Katy Perry hosting when Ellen DeGeneres is literally two feet away from the stage," tweeted an internet user. "Ellen DeGeneres looks SOOOOOOO unimpressed with Katy Perry's hosting effort...and rightfully so," actor Andra Fuller reacted.

"Ellen DeGeneres' face when Katy Perry came out with a fake baby-- not amused," added another.