Emily Ratajkowski is moving out and on with her life amid speculations that she and Brad Pitt are dating.

The "Gone Girl" actress was reportedly seen carrying cardboard boxes full of her things from the home she once shared with her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. Radar Online reported that Ratajkowski hired Oz Moving and Story company to help her do the job as cheating rumours continue to plague her marriage.

Emily Ratajkowski sported a black skintight bodysuit during the recent sighting and called in a pal to aid her with the move. The rumoured new love interest of Brad Pitt also flaunted her long limbs in spandex shorts, seemingly proving that she has been one hot girl summer since her marriage hit rock bottom.

The "We Are Your Friends" actress was snapped carrying boxes, many bags and a tall plant out of her NYC apartment building. Sebastian and their one-year-old son, Sylvester, were not seen during her move.

Radar Online furthered that it only took two people to remove the belongings of Ratajkowski from her former home, which included paintings and a marital mattress. The news outlet even claimed that the "Welcome Home" star appeared in good spirits even after making a drastic change to her personal life as she was even seen laughing and cracking jokes with her friend.

Emily Ratajkowski's move intensified the speculations that she is seeking a divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard. The American model is allegedly gearing up to pull the plug on her four-year marriage after she allegedly found out that her husband was not faithful to her.

An unnamed source previously told Radar Online, "Yeah, he cheated. He's a serial cheater. It's gross. He's a dog."

The move also came amid speculations that Brad Pitt is pursuing Ratajkowski. In Touch Weekly claimed that the former husband of Angelina Jolie saw everything that he likes in a woman in the "Lying and Stealing" star.

A tattler told the magazine, "Brad was crushing on Emily at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscars party. They weren't in a private area or anything like that, but they did talk with friends around. Obviously, she was off-limits back then. She was happily married to Sebastian Bear-McClard, and Brad respected that."

Emily Ratajkowski, for her part, has reportedly told Brad Pitt that she had a crush on him. The insider claimed, "She's always thought Brad was cute, and the way she saw it, what did she have to lose? They immediately hit it off and made each other laugh. Brad love that she's a strong woman, and Emily thinks he's a true gentleman and one of the kindest men she's ever met. It's still very early, but friends are calling them Hollywood's new power couple."

Meanwhile, the "Hot Girls Wanted" star seemingly confirmed that Bear-McClard had cheated on her when she liked tweets about her husband's alleged infidelity. The couple, who have been spotted around sans their wedding rings on, have yet to confirm or deny their split.

Emily Ratajkowski
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