Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Reuters

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were considered as one of the cutest Hollywood couple until they broke up in 2015 citing hectic work schedule. While many thought the split will cause in bitter relationship between them, the actress has now revealed that she is still in "love" with him.

During a candid interview with the Vouge, the Birdman actress has confessed that her The Amazing Spider-Man is "Someone I still love very much". The couple, who met and fell in love during the filming of the Marvel movie, have kept their romance extremely private for four years.

"I'm really glad you're sitting down so I can tell you, the 27-year-old American actress told the magazine while keeping the secrecy intact. However, she also revealed that the past year (since her split with Garfield) has been 'pros and cons'. "It's been interesting. It's been a good year. And sad. Pros and cons."

The couple were spotted together in August this year taking a casual stroll in London with big smile on their face.

Stone will appear on the November issue of Vogue. The actress, who is all set for her next big release La La Land opposite Ryan Gosling, looks beautiful on the magazine's cover page rocking a pixie cut and flaunting her abs in a crop striped top.

She completely changes her look by rocking a fierce pixie cut. Stone also shows off her abs in a striped cropped sweater, wearing minimal makeup to highlight her natural freckles and famously expressive eyes.

The romantic musical comedy is being hyped as a strong Academy Award contender after its premiere at the Venice Film Festival in late August. Stone admits that she freaked out during the filming of the movie. "The reason I wanted to do it was because Damien was so passionate. But I think I freaked out 40 times."

Hollywood living legend Tom Hank sang praises for the movie and said "If the audience doesn't go and embrace something as wonderful as this, then we are all doomed."