Music shop owner Adrian and his then-wife healthcare assistant Gillian were barely able to pay their bills when they discovered that their Euromillions lottery numbers had won the £148 million jackpot. A couple of months after collecting their winnings, Gillian split from her husband and said that the money had torn her family apart.

After Gillian and her ex-husband divided the money, Adrian got engaged to a stable girl 16 years younger than him after a six-week relationship following his split with Gillian. Gillian moved to her Suffolk home back to Scotland and says she no longer speaks to her dad Ian McCulloch, 71, mum Brenda, 66, or brother Colin.

Gillian tearfully told reporters, "It's upsetting and raw. The money was supposed to make everybody happy" when lamenting over the various personal tragedies that came her way after her monumental win. When she chose to invest her money by opening up a property company in Angus with her best friend, Mirror reports that the pair had a falling out in a row over dogs.

Gillian was also accused of being out to get her "gold digger" ex but was cleared over a lack of evidence. She is now married to Brian Deans. The pair tied the knot in August 2018, six years to the day after she won the Euromillions jackpot. She now uses her new husband's surname.

However, grave misfortune struck again in 2021 when Gillian's son was left in a life-threatening condition after a horror crash on a quad-bike. Reports in September of that year revealed that 13-year-old Cameron had been hit by a car driven by his fifteen-year-old sister Amy on the ground of his dad's mansion.

A friend of Adrian's told The Sun, "Adrian just feels consumed with guilt. He allowed his son and daughter to go out around the estate in those vehicles. His daughter is too young to drive on a public road, but as it is a private estate, she did not need a licence. The kids were on his watch as they were with him while their mum was in Scotland."

Adrian and Gillian Bayford
Adrian Bayford and his wife Gillian won the £148.6 million EuroMillions jackpot in August