Angry protesters in Calais have struck again, setting fire to tyres outside the French Eurotunnel terminal and causing havoc to services – threatening another blockade on Tuesday afternoon (21 July), according to reports.

Ferry workers temporarily blocked the A16 road and caused motorists to come to a standstill as plumes of smoke choked the air.

A Syndicat Maritime Nord union spokesman told France24, although the blockade had now come to an end, another was planned for this afternoon.

Eric Vercoutre said: "Today's protest will continue certainly until this afternoon and beyond if necessary. It follows a meeting we had with the government."

Eurotunnel said traffic from Folkestone on the cross-Channel rail service was not affected. Day passengers were advised to reschedule their journeys. Passengers suffered some delays but services including freight had now gone back to normal.

Eurostar said services were not disrupted.

A Eurotunnel spokesman said: "A couple of hours ago the protesters went on to the motorway and started burning tyres at the two entrances to the Channel Tunnel terminal.

'They were burning tyres and blockading the motorway, preventing access to the terminal.

"This was on the public highway, so we called the police and local authorities to remove the protesters and allow access to our terminal.

"The protesters have now left of their own free will – it didn't look as if the police removed them."

Workers are protesting against expected job cuts following Eurotunnel's sale of its MyFerryLink cross-channel service. Widespread havoc was caused following cancellations to cross-channel services on 30 June after protesters blocked the tunnel and set fire to tyres on the rail tracks.