After the red tint screen issue, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners are now experiencing audio problems through the handset's internal speakers while watching video. Users have reported the issue on several forums, including a Samsung community website.

Users claim that while watching video, the audio cuts off for a few seconds.

"Every time I try to watch a video (YouTube, Twitter) the sounds cuts off 2 seconds in. It works with headphones. I have to restart my phone over and over. The phone is great but this is getting annoying," a user wrote on Samsung community site.

"Whatever I'm doing on my phone, either watching a video I recorded myself, YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram, the sound will play for a few seconds then totally cut off. Even when I close the app and re-open it the sound doesn't come back, I would have to restart my phone. I never have earbuds on and I had no notifications when the sound would cut off. Very frustrating knowing my phone is only 7 days old, I've never had a problem with my other Samsung phones and I got them all when they were just released," noted another user.

The audio seems to be working fine with Bluetooth or with a headset, but not with the built-in speakers. It is not known whether the audio problem is hardware or software related.

If you are also facing the same issues, here are a couple of fixes, shared by CNET, which you can try until Samsung releases an official fix.

  • As a fix, try to perform a factory reset. But before doing that make sure that you have backed up the data. For this, head over to Settings>> General management>> Reset>> Factory data reset. If you have a microSD card, it is advisable to remove it during the reset and reinstall it.
  • Another trick that has helped users resolving the problem is firmly pressing an inch or two right above the speakers on the S8.

If the above fixes do not work, then consider reaching out to Samsung or the network carriers from where you have purchased the handset.