Facebook introduces birthday cam which allows users to say more than just HBD
Facebook users can now leave video-recorded birthday greetings Facebook

Facebook has launched a new feature — the Birthday Video Cam — which allows users to do more than just send an inane HBD (happy birthday) text message. Users can now record a short video message to wish their friends on their special day.

The social networking giant's latest feature is targeted at encouraging users to move towards more video-centric social interactions. The Birthday Video Cam offers users the option of recording a 15-second video when wishing a friend for their birthday.

Commenting on the new feature, Facebook creative tools product manager Henry Soong said: "We wanted to find a new way for close friends to post something fun and as quickly as possible." The feature is currently available only on the iOS version of the social network's mobile app. However, Facebook is working on the Android version as well and will release it soon, Cnet reported.

Facebook already reigns supreme in the birthday reminder notifications area. Users are conveniently notified, without fail, whenever anyone on their list is celebrating their birthday. However, till now, there were no special or additional features for users to use when choosing to wish someone well on their special day. Ironically, most users would not look askance at the robotically inserted "HBD" messages, which give the impression of a socially imposed requirement for an unenthusiastic and/or impersonal greeting.

Facebook's Birthday Video Cam is perhaps the social media giant's effort to make greetings more personalised. In 2015, Facebook launched its embedded video and auto-play video features, which effectively pitched the firm against rivals like YouTube.

The Birthday Video Cam feature appears automatically in users' accounts on their birthdays, giving friends the option of leaving a short video-recorded message. Users can simply tap on the video icon, which also provides users with a selection of birthday-themed frames, record a 15-second greeting and then directly post it on their friends' profile. Birthday greetings will never be the same again, thanks to Facebook's Birthday Video Cam.