The finale of Faking It season 2 saw Amy going on a summer break with Reagan's friends, leaving a disappointed Karma behind, who was forced to spend time with Shane. Liam, on the other hand, finally got to know about the identity of his biological father, all thanks to Zita.

In the pre-finale episode of season 2, Karma and Amy shared a kiss in a drunken state and Amy's feelings for her best friend returned. However, since Karma had no such feelings for her, Amy decided to spend the summer away from her best friend and clear her mind. In the finale, Karma asked Amy to stay, but, Amy told her that she would stop only if the kiss meant something. The scene ends with Amy leaving, and Karma in tears.

Now, executive producer Carter Covington has teased fans with some unexpected twists for Karma and Amy when the MTV show returns with season 3. He told Entertainment Weekly that Karma and Amy's kiss will be addressed in season 3. "I think that Karma is not looking at it that closely because she was drunk and she doesn't remember it. So, in her mind, it's kind of like, Amy was there for her in her time of need and she was drunk, and she did something stupid," he said.

"I don't think she's looking beyond that at why she would do that. That's something that we're going to discuss in season 3. The fact that they haven't really gotten much resolution from what that kiss meant," the producer added.

Faking it season 3
Karma kisses Amy in Faking It season 2 MTV

So, the question of whether the distance will affect their friendship arises, as Amy's decision to move away will be a big part of the season 3 premiere, stressed Covington.

"Well, that is the big question that we will address in our premiere – how their relationship is affected by the choice that Amy makes in the finale. And I don't want to give too much away, but I will say we dive right into that in our first episode back," the producer claimed.

"Amy comes back at the end of summer and we get to see what everybody did over the summer break and how they're going to get passed this summer apart," he added.

Speaking about what fans can expect in season 3, Covington said: "We've got the return of all of the characters that we love – some will be a nice surprise when they come back. Anyway, that's the worst tease ever. But yes, we're going to have more, more, more. I'm excited for season 3 because I feel like we keep raising the bar for ourselves in the writers room to really challenge us to expand what this show can do. I feel like in season 3, we continue to do that."

MTV is yet to announce the return date for Faking It season 3. However, if you missed what happened in season 2, you can catch up on the lives of Karma and Amy by clicking here.