Fallout 4
The industrial setting of post-apocalyptic Boston in Fallout 4. Xbox Store

Next week sees the release of Fallout 4 – arguably the biggest game of the year – and to help new and forgetful players alike, one die hard fan has put together an extensive recap of the game's history, lore and influences.

Want to know when nuclear war began and why? Want to know the (actually quite messed up) history of the game's Vaults – which housed citizens during the aftermath of Armageddon? This post on Imgur offers that, plus explanations on all facets of post-apocalyptic life.

There are explainers about ghouls (both feral and non-feral), supermutants, The Enclave, and why drinking water out of a toilet in the post-apocalypse is DEFINITELY a great idea*. The post is a brief refresher course on some of the aspects and set up behind the series. Another post details each game in the series – where they take place and what they're about.

Fallout 4 was announced in the summer after years of speculation. The game arrives four years after The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Bethesda's previous RPG – and seven years after Fallout 3, the last game in the series developed in-house.

The new game takes place in Boston and the surrounding area, and for the first time will allow players to experience – for a brief time at least – the day the bombs fell. The game supports customisable characters (both male and female) and a new extensive crafting mechanic.

Fallout 4 will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on Tuesday 10 November.

*Do not do this

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