Guile Street Fighter 5
Guile in artwork from Street Fighter 4. Capcom

Files from the Street Fighter 5 beta have been data-mined, revealing six (possibly seven) unannounced characters which are likely to be released following game's launch next year. They include classic fighters like Guile and Juri.

Shoryuken user AceKombat did the digging, finding seven names in the files: Alex, Ibuki, Urien, Fun, Juri, Guile and Balrog. That last name is the one being contended.

In the west Balrog is a boxer character, but in Japan his, M. Bison's and Vega's names are all switched for legal reasons. So, the name either refers to the Western Bison, revealing a seventh character, or to the Japanese version of already-announced character Vega.

Alex, Ibuki and Urien have been rumoured to return to the series for the first time since the Street Fighter 3 days, joining R Mika and Karin Kanzuki, who have already been announced to do so as well. Guile, of course, is a series mainstay and firm fan favourite, while Juri was last seen in Super Street Fighter 4.

Fun is an unknown, so could be an entirely new character. Capcom announced in the summer that it would release a steady stream of new characters post-launch, and that players would be able to get them for free with in-game currency earned through play.

Recently the game's final roster members were announced alongside a new trailer. Street Fighter 5 will be released on PS4 and PC on 16 February 2016.

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