Sony has released a new video running through the various specs and features of its upcoming virtual reality headset PlayStation VR (PSVR), and it's shaping up nicely. The device, formerly known as Project Morpheus, is set for release in the first half of 2016.

The headset will have a 5.7in OLED display using the RGB colour model with a total resolution of 1920x1080 – that's 960x1080 per eye. PSVR has a 120Hz refresh rate, sub-18ms latency, an approximate 100 degree field of view, accelerometer, gyroscope, full positional head tracking thanks to nine LEDs, 3D audio with mic and stereo input jacks and HDMI and USB ports.

There was no mention or sight of the "external processing unit" that will help boost the headset's performance alongside the PS4 console that will also be required to play games with the device.

Earlier this week a list of over 50 confirmed PSVR demos, dedicated games and games which will support the device was posted online – showing the wealth of what PSVR will have to offer. Among the biggest games coming to PSVR are Battlezone, RIGS and Gran Turismo Sport, which will support VR.

Sony has yet to announce a more specific date for the PSVR's release, but that may come at PlayStation Experience 2015 in Las Vegas next month. At the moment it is slated for the first half of 2015, but if we believe it'll be closer to the end of that period if that is still the case, possibly May or June.

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