Fallout 4
Ultimate rare melee weapons and power armour suit location guide Bethesda

Fallout 4 is jam-packed with rare melee weapons and an ultimate power armour suit that can be scavenged in the course of the blockbuster game. This list comprises seven melee weapons that are scattered across various sections of the game the secret location details for finding these weapons in the game.

Kremvh's Tooth

The first unlockable melee weapon is the Kremvh's Tooth, which can be found at the Dunwich Borers, an abandoned quarry taken over by some raiders. You will need to deal with or take down some of these nasty raiders, before you make your way down to the quarry.

Finally, you will reach a door that will enable access to the Dunwich Borers. You will need to eliminate a few more goons and make your way into the cavern. Eventually you will make it to the end of the third section where you will find a pool of water.

Get out of your power armour and jump into the pool. Swim to the bottom of the pool, then to the left and up, to find the weapon, Kremvh's Tooth.

Shem Drowne's sword

Next up in the list is the Shem Drowne's sword, which can be obtained during the mission 'The Gilded Grasshopper'. This mission can be triggered from Nick Valentine's Detective Agency and you will be tasked with the challenge of defeating a bunch of mutants.

You will eventually reach the rooftop, where you can find The Gilded Grasshopper which will tell you to go to the grave of Shem (buried in a casket). Just dig up and open the casket to find the Shem Drowne's sword. Also, you can fill up your inventory with gold, silver and copper bricks that are found here.

Grognak's Axe

Go to Hubris Comics store and find this weapon in a locked display case, behind the front desk. Note: You will need an advanced lock tool to open this one and access the Grognak's Axe. This is one of the must-have weapons in the game, given its extreme damage capabilities.

Furious Power Fist

This special ability can be used as a melee weapon, which can be unlocked during a boss fight at Swan's Pond. You will need to defeat the Swan, who is a giant super-mutant found at this location.

You can build a custom puncture weapon with the Furious Power First to get the damage stats of 62 and weapon speed of medium. The only downside is this weapon cannot be used with the power armour.

Rockville Slugger

The next melee weapon can be found in Diamond City after talking to a baseball vendor, Moe. You can get the Rockville Slugger (a spiked baseball bat) from him on a barter system basis or by exchanging your unused or less-useful weapon.

General Chao's Revenge

Moving on to the Drumlin Diner, you can meet a lady named Trudy. You can barter any of your unused weapons with her in exchange for the General Chao's Revenge. Its special ability is to deal 50% more damage against robots and could come in handy against Sentries. It can be purchased for 1709 bottle caps in the game.


The final rare melee weapon, Shishkebab, can be found at the Saugus Ironworks after defeating the Slag miniboss and a bunch of forged gangsters. It is basically a giant sword attached to a flamethrower and undoubtedly one of the most powerful melee weapons in the game.

Avid Fallout fans can also unearth the ultimate power armour suit, using the video walkthrough provided below: